Wednesday, June 30, 2010

World Cup 2010 : Spain is through

Spain is thorough to Quater Finals! Thank you David Villa. I know, I know I have been updating on World Cup selectively. I update whenever I have time, i update on my favorite team, I update on the game that I actually got to watch and again I update when I feel like updating. So sue me!

I think everybody noticed that the ref during this world cup are competing on who shows the card the most, hence the staggering number of yellow and cards shown. Kadang-kadang tu sikit punya hal pon nak kasi kad, apesal lah.

Ok, later..

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dinner at Red Wok Restaurant

I had dinner with Mr.Dream just now. Sempena birthday dia. His birthday, but I choose where to dine, smart girl kan. Hahaha, He is not fussy. I am the one who's very particular. Or in other word;fussy. Sebab dah tuakah? Anyways, after reading the reviews and salivating over the menu, I decided that we are going to Red Wok Restaurant Bangi.

Red wok serves steamboat, grill-steamboat as well as Chinese Ala-Carte menu. We have had the grill-steamboat previously. Opportunity to eat at a Chinese style food at a Chinese Muslim restaurant should not be missed, so there we went for our dinner. As always, Mr. Dream left the ordering to me. Ikutkan my napsu lapar tu tah apa-apalah yang akan ku order. but I managed not to go overboard and ordered :

Fresh orange and Kiwi Juice (Kiwi juice siap ada hirisan buah lagi)

Bangkok Tomyam Soup with milk
Sweet n Sour Fish Fillet

Salt n Pepper Soft Shell Crab

Pandan Chicken

Broccoli Oyster Sauce

Butter crispy prawn

The whole meal. With birthday boy dah start makan. (sure stress sebab kena siap ambik gambar baru boleh makan, muahahhaha.. Sorry babe)

Not overboard? Not overboard? Did I just went crazy when ordering? Makan untuk 2 orang saja. *pitam. Actually, I wanted to order beef and sizzling tofu as well, but Mr. Dream had given me the look already. Habis ke? It said. So we stopped at that.

The service was excellent. Food was on our table within 10 minutes. The last to arrive was the butter prawn. Tomyam soup with milk was excellent. Butter prawn was crispy and the stringy bit was crispy as well. Tasted great. Brocolli with oyster sauce, good, sweet n sour chicken, great. Soft shell crab, was a tad salty but was ok. Pandan chicken? Hmm have tasted better, but not bad.

Overall, the food was great. Actually we wanted to try the whole fish, steamed kerapu or siakap. But takut tak habis, hence ordered the fish fillet jek. Lagipun malas nak makan ikan bertulang tadi, tengoklah we even ordered soft shell crab, sebab malas nak kopek ketam, hahaha. Pemalas punya orang. Disebabkan pemalas juga, we didn't finish eating the butter prawn. Malas nak kopek kulit udang, muahahha (actually dah kenyang gila masa tu).

The portion was big as well, what we ordered just now, can feed 4 people satisfyingly I think. A bit on the pricey side, but as I mentioned the portion was huge. Tempatnya sangat bersih dan luas, sesuai for family, kalau budak-budak dah bosan, boleh lari-lari. The service was excellent and fast. Disebabkan servisnya cepat, I am considering of bringing my father to the restaurant. If not, he'll get grumpy, waiting.

For more details, menu and price, you can browse their website at

Hope that Spain wins

Spain is playing tonight. Eii berdebarnya. Mana tak berdebar, I think Spain has not been playing that convincingly. Still looking vulnerable on the defense. Midfield pon nampak tak solid. Hope they will rise to the occasion. Tak leh citer banyak2. Takut kalah. Tapi aku takdelah cam Amy and friends sampai nak buat solat hajat bagai in support for their favorite team. Muahahhaha overnya korang.

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Monday, June 28, 2010


Aku dah menulis blog since 2005. Blog tu masih lagi hidup tapi aku terpaksa privatekan. Kat situ aku boleh tulis sesedap rasa, dan dikelilingi kawan-kawan yang dipercayai, dan sama wavelength dengan aku. Tapi kadang-kadang aku miss menulis blog yang public. Kadang-kadang terasa jugak nak terima pandangan daripada total strangers.

Yes kawan-kawan dekat private blog tu pon tak pernah jumpa jugak, tapi aku tak anggap mereka strangers anymore. Dah almost 5 tahun kenal walaupun di alam cyber ni jek kan, but still I think and I feel that I knew them, even just a little.

Tapi as I said, menulis blog ni memerlukan pengorbanan. You can write anything under the sky, but in the end apa sebenarnya yang kau nak share dengan readers kan. Is it your life? Is it isu-isu semasa, is it your hobbies or passion. For me, I myself are quite selective in reading blogs. Banyak dah blog2 kesukaan aku yang dah ditutup. Dan ramai juga yang macam aku, atas sebab nak jaga privasi terpaksa privatekan blog mereka. Cara penulisan, their point of view, memainkan peranan dalam selection utk aku letak dekat Bookmarks tu kan. Cheh komen orang konon.Hahahah.

Takpe, aku wait and see dulu. Tatau macamana nak bagi komitmen pon sebenarnya. Sekarang ni tiba-tiba ada 3 blogs to update. That's a big responsibility tu kan. Hahaha. Kerje menimbun-nimbun lagi ada hati nak update beberapa blog. Yang private tu pon seminggu sekali jek aku rasa aku update. Tengokla macamana kan. Buatla ape ko suke Arena.

England is out! England is out!

Okay so the French have been sent packing and so did the Italian. It's a shame that the German-England clash came a bit early. I am not a fan of England, but the world cup seemed a bit boring without the English. Tak best la nak mengutuk, hahahha. Too much pressure la on England. Rooney tak score pon kan. Camner nak score punyalah heavy pressure on him? Did you see the Nike ad? ala-ala the fate of England is on his shoulder. Sir Rooney lah sangat.. Hahahha.

On the other end, the Germans won. I asked my other half, did they play like a champion? My other half said that the German's goal are mostly because of their pace. Not due to their superior football. So if they meet with teams that is level in pace, then they probably have a tougher time.

Anywayssss, the world cup will get more interesting in this knock-out stage of course. Will see whether the Argentine can live up to the expectation. Messi ko pressure tak? And Spain vs Portugal? Please la Spain, please advance.
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Friday, June 25, 2010

Satu lagi blog?

Entahla kenapa aku create 1 blog lagi ni. Satu pon tak terupdate nak tulis satu lagi. Dah gila ker? Pastu ada juga blog2 merapu yang aku tulis separuh jalan. Aku dah kena consolidate kot. Nantilah aku pikir betul-betul. Nak tambah lagi 1 blog or not.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

France is out...Federer had a scare...and great nasi lemak Zaman

Hi people, as you can see, I have removed the widget from the blog haha. Why? It's smart looking but it does not provide latest scores or new or whatever. Baik lah klik aje dekat Fifa punya website tu kan.

Okay France have said goodbye now. Adoih, the aging team is one thing but the feud with the manager is totally damaging. So 1 football giant is out. This week we will see who's going to the round of 16.

Owh I saw the Wimbledon as well. Poor Wimbledon, have to compete with World Cup. Anyways, I watched Roger Federer had a terrible scare of loosing on the first round. He fought back, as expected. But man, that probably shook him up.

Went back to my hometown on Sunday for an emergency family matters. Settled everything on Monday evening. Headed back to KL this morning. On the way back, me my other half and my two brothers were adamant that we have to stop and have that nasi lemak at Zaman Restaurant. The four of us ate, 6 packs of nasi lemak, 3 roti kosong, 1 roti telur and 2 karipap with drinks of course. *pitam. We never missed eating that nasi lemak at Zaman's. My brother hold the record of eating 13 packs of nasi lemak! I don't think it was at 1 go though, but he finished it in one morning!

Masuk kereta semua tido, my 2 brothers were up since the day before,for they went to watch Spain vs Honduras at MacDonald Teluk Cempedak. Our hotel doesn't have World Cup Channel, can you believe that? Anyways we are safe and sound at our house back in KL.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Follow your World Cup 2010 favorite team

Okay friends, I have added a widget from Promote baeeekk punya. You can change it to your favorite team, and it will display news, last game's score, and the date of the next game. Just click Change, and you can select you favorite team. And if you wanna read more, just click at the widget or at any team, and you'll redirected to website.

I am trying to add to the hype. Bosan je kan, tengok World Cup since it started, right. Tahap rasa tak berjaga malam pon tak rugi kan. So I am trying to add some widget to this blog so that we can feel the heat of this lukewarm World CUp 2010. Kasi panas sikit.

I've added footie tube earlier but I had to remove it for the time being. That Footie Tube, looks really good and interesting. The code has errors in it. When it stabilized I'll put it back again. Footie tube tu takde guna langsung jugak kalau internet cam siput hahaha.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Headhunter and Headhunted

Asyik cerita pasal World Cup je kan, letih juga. Kalau nak update yang terkini silalah masuk ye. Here I will update about the team that matters jek, muhahahah. Kejam tak. Okay I was about to talk about something else actually.

Headhunter? I am referring to the headhunter in the job seeking and hiring industry. Eh ada ke headhunter dalam industri lain. Ada kot. I am going to share with you my few experiences with headhunter and being headhunted.

First, How to get headhunt?
You can sign up with an agency(s), send them your resume, what industry is your preference and they will do the matching with the current or future vacancies. Or, you can do what I do which is, submit your resume to the free job seeking website out there such Jobstreet, Jobsdb, Monsters etc and ensure that you make your resume search-able by the prospective employer or the headhunting agent who is always lurking on those sites to find suitable candidates for the hiring company. Another thing, please enter a good keyword so that your resume will stand out. And you can search in the net on how to jazz up your resume a bit.

If you are in a hurry to get a job. This is not the ideal method of finding a job. You have to actively apply for a suitable job if you want to get a new job fast. But if you are already employed, and quite happy at your work place but wants to explore other opportunities out there, then this is a good method to find a new lead. I got all my previous interviews for the past 2-3 years this ways. Most of the opportunities is an upgrade of what I currently have in my job.

Headhunter ni pon ada macam-macam character. Some of them are:

1. Nice
2. Made all kind of excuses to the hiring company if we can't come to the interviews but still wants us to go to the interview. Amongst the excuses are :
  • " She is in the middle of audit, so being a responsible staff, she has to priorities on her work, can we reschedule?"
  • " Her car broke down, can we reschedule?" ni memang hampeh, terbangak-bangak aku bila the hiring manager tanya, How's your car?
  • " She is not in Malaysia. She has overseas assignment. Can we reschedule?" Yeah, right!
3. really persistent, even called you on weekends and after office hour to push you to go to that interview
4. Prep you and conduct a mock interview just to ensure you ace the interview. - duh, pagi2 sabtu suruh aku jawab interview dengan tak madi dan tak gosok gigi lagi tu. Of course I flunked the mock interview~alasan..hahaha

And so on. But they will negotiate the interview date and time for you, tell you what the expectations, email you the map, and of course nego the salary and remuneration package. We of course have to be firm when we don't want or are not interested in a post that is offered. Sometimes they can be sooo persuasive that sometimes you went anyways to the interview that you already know that you are not that keen about or probably wayy beyond your expertise and capabilities. (yes, happened to me once). Okay so what's the conclusion to this post? Nothing. Hahaha.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Argentina on fire!!

This posting is dedicated to Mr. Dream. Okla..Oklaa your team won..

1 vs 6. Even Messi can't dribble the ball around this. Or did he?
Giler kena kepung Messi masa ni.

Celebrate good time, Come on!!

The hero of the day. The first hat-trick for World Cup 2010. Higuain.
Makin naiklah saham lu lepas ni.

Credit to and Getty Image

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why Spain? Why .....?

Apsal la lambat sangat masuk Torres tuh! Warghhhhhh...Warrgghhhh! Warghhhhhhh!!l@#$%$#@!@#$#$%^

Picture credit Getty Images and

Spain's game at last

Finally Spain will play. Spain will play against Switzerland in 1 and a half hour. Can't wait. I am pumped! Chile currently playing against Honduras and is leading by a goal-nil. After Spain v/s Switzerland game which is the last game of the first round, the home team will play against Uruguay.

I will update later about headhunting. I am focusing my energy on the Spain's game. Hahhaaha.

p/s - Mampusla aku kena kutuk kalau Spain kalah.. Hahahha. Think positive.. think positive..

Monday, June 14, 2010


Upcoming matches:

Okay. Okay I know I should have reviewed the Argentina vs Nigeria, South Korea vs Greece and the US vs England game. First, I was already quite behind in doing the game review. It's already all over the newspaper already and has been reviewed and scrutinized over and over again at Astro Sports Channel. Only that channel is on at my home with fly buzzing as in the background. Secondly, I intended to paste the cute flags above in this posting (Credit to FIFA.COM) for the the 3 games but the bloody flags kept on driving me crazy when I paste it. I gave up. Okay let me update it briefly in point form only :
  1. Argentina could have scored more or rather Messi could have scored. He isn't human anyways, right.
  2. Nigerian goal keeper did well, no surprise he was the best player for that game
  3. Go Korea.. Go pilsung Korea. Go!Go! Go! Park Jae Sung looks funny with short hair. Hey I'm a girl of course I noticed things like that, haha.
  4. Wei England tu dah takde striker ke? Hahaha. Must you rely on Heskey? and later Peter Crouch? Kesian..
  5. Sean Wright Philip did well, I think. But that Lennon, haiyyoh get him outta there! Not effective at all.
  6. Pity Green, butter fingers.
  7. And last but not least. Am not a fan of Maradona, but boy was he entertaining. I think he was playing the camera. He knew that the camera will always focus on him, so he pulled all kinda response that he knew is interesting to be watched. Interesting can be a lot of thing, kan. Tak daya, tengok dia berlari-lari ke hulu ke hilir dengan body yang bulat itu. Muahahhaha.
What's your take on those matches?
Ok, gotta pen off now, have a big day tomorrow. See ya people.

p/s -Bilalah Spain nak main nih?

Testing the water..

Too many games to discuss and update but so little time. Have been at my other half's hometown where the internet connection using both 3G Broadband account kinda sucked. Works quite well during the day, but by night time it took ages just log in to blogger.

Anyways, I do not want to be deterred. I will update as much as I humanly can on WC2010. Although I have other things on my mind. Contrary to other people might think, my world does not revolve around World Cup only. I am going for an interview tomorrow, so earlier tonight I was busy preparing for the interview.

My last interview was last year, and the previous one is the year before. Is it a habit of mine to attend 1 interview a year just to see my worth in the market? Just to see that probably some other company might need me? I don't know, maybe. Sometimes I went to those interviews to explore opportunities and some other time, it is just to solidify my feelings that I am already at a good place. All those job interviews including tomorrow's was not initiated by me. I was headhunted. Hahaha. Sounds cocky huh? I didn't mean too. But it did boost my self-esteem and confidence.

I am not in a hurry to leave. As I said before I am at a good place now. But maybe I just wanna see again, how much the hiring company values me. Wish me luck.

Friday, June 11, 2010

It's here!

World cup is finally here. In several hours we will witness the opening game. I love the build up prior to the game. Love to see the drama before the kick-off the 2010 World Cup. I found it funny too when :

  1. People race to buy HD TV
  2. People upgrading or changing their cable TV programme
  3. Fans plan with friends to watch the matches at Mamaks or other giant-screen TV location
  4. Fans buying jerseys of their favorite team
  5. Fans place bet through their bookies, bookies are having a field day. They already collected bet worth billion of dollars
**********gotta stop here. got some work to do. later......

Owh South Africa just scored the opening goal of the 2010 World Cup. What a magnificent goal! Okay I will write more. Probably posting will revolves around World Cup for the time being.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

WC2010 : Could warm-up game turns againts you?

Most of the team who qualified for the World Cup Final 2010 (which is starting in 2 days!) scheduled for a warm up game, friendly or whatever they wanna call it.

Having the opponent flying whilst keeping his feet high and fracturing someone's body parts doesn't sound too friendly to me. More injuries has been highlighted in the past few days made me think that probably having these pre-WC-matches is not the best way to prepare for the WC FInal. Especially if you play against a team who qualified to the WC2010 final as well.\

Of course both team want to do well. A win could boast their morale. A win could indicate their true performance during the actual WC matches. But this would also mean that both team would play their heart out during these pre-games, which will almost result in injuries. In my opinion they should play against non WC final qualifier. Rids the pressure of winning; yet just enough to ensure that you play well as a team.

Ok..Ok some of team didn't even have pre-WC-match but still faced injured players. Tough luck and what a disappointing thing to be injured by your own team-mate during training. When this happens, the race for recovery becomes interesting. And by then, some nation would show that their hope rest on one man where all the best doctors, medications, physiotherapist even shaman would be summon to expedite the recovery.

More drama will unfold.

**Picture credit to FIFA.COM & Getty Images

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bye-bye French Open. Hello World Cup 2010

2010 is full of colorful sporting events. Can't wait for World Cup to start. Followed later by Wimbledon, I guess. And why is this obsession to watch World Cup on HD TV. Is it because the cable provides the event in full HD. I think it's just marketing strategies to encourage to people to subscribe to HD channels after this. I actually read in the newspaper that there's an increase of people buying HD TV. Man, what people would do for World Cup. Every once in 4 years men just go crazy. Hahaha.

The best World Cup to me was World Cup 98. And not just because France won. Colorful teams and players with great character. Yikes I just used the word colorful twice. Hahaha. Later.

French Open 2010

Rafael Nadal wins in straight set 6-4, 6-2, 6-4 wohoooo...

French Open 2010

Owh I am a bit frustrated that Sam Stosur didn't win the French Open. But Schiovone played well and deserved to win. I was already disappointed when Justine Hennin lost to Sam Stosur, but decided that I wanna root for Stosur. in the final. Maybe next time Stosur.

Now I am watching the Man's final between Rafael Nadal and the giant killer Robin Soderling. A lot of people are rooting for Soderling. People like to support the underdogs,I think. Sorry Robin, my vote is for Nadal. I think he is in form. And probably in the best shape in the past 2 years or so. I think he will win. He already won 2 sets 6-4, 6-2 and currently leads 4-3. He probably wins this in straight set. Hahaha. For the Nadal haters, he's gonna win the French Open and I think he's gonna win Wimbledon too.

Lagenda budak setan

Salam kawan-kawan,

Ada sesiapa yang dah menonton Lagenda Budak Setan. Aku belum tengok. Dan rasanya macam malas nak tengok. Bila nampak tajuk cerita tu, terus aku teringat novel Budak Setan karya Ahadiat Akashah tu. Was it his first novel? Entahla tak ingat. Tapi it was my the first novel by him that I read. Kalau tak silap ada gambar the author at the back of the book kan, sebelah kereta sport.

Membaca ni kena imagine sikit-sikitlah kan baru best. Dek kerana ada gambar Ahadiat Akashah tu dekat belakang novel tu, aku imagine the hero tu macam author tu lah. Yang heroin aku boleh jek amek saper-saper kan.

I think masa tu, Ahadiat Akashah glamour sangat sebab the writingnya sempoi, plus maybe he was good looking, so orang or rather the girls associate the heroes with him. Hahaha. Termasuk akukah? Cara tulisannya pon lain dari yang lain pada masa tu. So the teens and young adults can relate better to his writing berbanding penulis novel lain. Satu lagi novelis Melayu yang aku suka masa muda-muda dolu was Shamsiah Mohd Nor. Penulis novel Sindora, Tangisan Bulan Madu dan few more yang aku dah tak ingat tajuknya. That was almost twenty year ago. Man! I'm old.

Selalunya when a book is adapted into a movie, movie tu jarang dapat emulate apa yang novel cerita. That was what I felt when I watch Confession of a Shopoholic. Ada ke patut watak heroin tu American. Rubbish! Anyways kepada yang dah menonton wayang Lagenda Budak Setan maybe boleh kasik pandangan.


Salam and hi all,

I have been in hiding for a few years now. I thinks it's high time for me to be in the public domain again. I am going to see whether I can maintain this or not. I have created few blogs before, and after a while, I got tired of maintaining more than 1 blog which I had since 2005.

Let me try something here and see whether I still have it in me to write. I don't know yet what I will be writing about. I guess I will go with the flow first and hope that I will get an inspiration on what my new blog topic will revolves on.

Wish me luck and hope that I will have the motivation to write.