Sunday, November 21, 2010

Harry Porter - The Deathly Hallows Part 1


It has been a while since I last updated. As always work is drowning me. Too much to respond and take up since I got back from London. Anywayssss, i still make time to watch Harry Porter yesterday. Book through GSC website. Since they have the E-ticket thingy I have not bought any movie ticket, walk-in. I always buy it before hand. The good thing about E-ticket as compared to reserve only, you can choose the ticket. If you think that the seat is not to your liking, you can select other shows, or decide to watch it other time. 

Yesterday me and Mr.Dream watched the 5.30 pm show in Alamanda. we arrived at 5.15 pm, just enough time to collect the ticket and buy popcorn. Gila lapar tak lunch, popcorn pon popcornlah. My take on the Deathly Hallows :

I think that because it has two parts the produces and the directors are taking advantage to make it extra slow. The move from few scene is especially when they camped is really slow. Boleh tertido rasanya. But then, the pace picked up and adalah benda-benda yang mengelirukan sikit. Frust tau. 
I think that they have a lot of work to tie everything together, to bring closure to a lot of characters. For example, watak Professor Snape tu dalam 3 minute jek. Tak taulah kalau sebenarnya they have extended edition in DVD which makes more sense ala-ala macam Lord of Ther Rings tu kan. Bila tengok the extended edition, baru lah you'll go owhh now that makes sense. 
The show ran about 2 hour and 15 minutes, but they started 15 minutes late, so it ended  around 8. Kelam-kabut jalan to beat the crowd to go for Maghrib Prayer. Bila nampak ada this 2 guys berlari, I said to Mr. Dream, I think we should be running as well. So we ran, celah-celah orang di Alamanda, sebab the stupid wayang, made us pusing ikut jalan jauh before entering back to Alamanda. Masa tengah lari tu dah bukak jam semua, sebab tau Isyak masuk at 8.12 pm. Luckily I brought my own telekung, sebab tau jelah betapa ramainya orang solat di Alamanda tu kan. Alhamdulillah, sempat. Just sempat kot. Hahahha. OK lain kali pilih timing yang sesuai sikit ye Ms Dream.

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  1. Owwhh office mate pun ckp it'd too long. Dah ler attention span aku mmg kurang citer2 camni, aku rasa aku akan suggest Zul beli DVD jek la. Tak sanggup aku nak tengok :P

  2. TOTALLY agree with you that it was super super slowwww. i almost fell asleep at one point! sheeze

  3. Super duper slow alright. Was pretty disappointed.