Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On stranger tides

I watched this movie last weekend. The cinema was fully booked and I managed to get the tickets only on Sunday night. Jack Sparrow returns sans Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan. To me it's a little bit boring. Penelope Cruz role was err alright but not superb. And the villain for this installment is Blackbeard.

Watching from the first installment of POTC, I think it's hard for the production to top the villain Davy Jones and the plot where a betrayal on top of betrayal on top of another betrayal by Jack Sparrow, Capten Barbossa, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan.

The only interesting part which i liked was the mermaid elements where it created a different dimension and elements to the movie. Overall I'll give 3 stars for the movie because there were part where I felt bored silly. Hopefully it's the last one. Johnny Depp, go on and do other interesting and huge project such as this.

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