Monday, September 13, 2010

Ultraman mania

No matter what year you were born, if you are below forty, most probably there was a point in time in your childhood where you were an Ultraman fan. Or you have somebody around you who was an ultraman fan. My older brother was, so was my younger brother, who was born 12 years later. Now we have another ultraman fan in the family. My brother's son. My nephew lah. 

With his older brother
Baskets and benches, in fact the house was all turned upside down when he plays with his amen/omen
He is 2 years 8 months and he is so obsessed with Ultraman! He harassed us to buy him ultraman figure, and he bullied us to let him watch Ultraman on Astro or on our laptop.
Amen anyak atas ewot (Lotsa ultramen on my tummy, hahaha)
Can you guess who's behind this mask?
I'm cool right. (can you spot ultraman kudung from the collections?)
The ultraman handphone and baby ultraman that he hid somewhere in the room, just so he gets to buy more ultraman
In a foul mood. Perhaps request to buy more ultraman was ignored, hahaha.

Anyways, I think it's cute. I saw a life size Ultraman at Hero Supermarket, the other day. I think it's kinda like a mascot. Ultraman's a hero and it's HERO Supermarket, get it? Hehehe.   I told my dad, please ensure that we never ever bring this boy to that Supermarket. I'm sure he'll be adamant to take the Ultraman home!


  1. i used to love ultraman!
    dont know where i put my ultraman toys already.. haha =)

  2. Ken,
    Welcome back man. Yeah, I have other cousins who love ultraman as well. During our time, the villain was Gorgon. Was it the same with you? Hahaha..