Monday, October 11, 2010

Latest Update from Commonwealth Game

Hi people.

I am on the verge of closing down this blog. Motivation writing it has thinned significantly lately. I now blog, when I feel up to. I just can't do it like other bloggers who earns heaps from Nuffnang. My other blog I update it fairly often. But this blog; hmmm. I can't use my nephew's pics all the time, even though he's really cute and cheeky, right. Anyways, I will keep it, as long as I can.

Back to my main topic. Another gold for Malaysia in the Commonwealth Games, thanks to Pandelela Rinong from platform Diving. She led in the first dive. Fumble a bit on the second dive. Make it up in the 3rd dive. And was neck and neck with the diver from Australia after the 4th dive.  She sucked it up and delivered on the final dive. Dahla she's the last diver. Memang everybody's focus was on her. And she did it!! So proud of you girl. Congratulations. Thank you, you have add to our gold medal tally to 7. Keep it up!

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