Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wall Street : Money Never Sleeps

Went to watch Wall Street : Money Never Sleep last night.  I thought I missed the chance to watch since it's being showed quite a while already. But when I saw that it still showing in a few cinemas, I persuaded Mr. Dream to go and watch it with me. Mr. Dream needed some persuasion though, alright. But in the end he went with me anyways.

The verdict?... hmmmmmmm. Let me just put it like this, if it wasn't for Shia LaBeouf and Josh Brolin, I would probably fell asleep or walk out from the show. It started great, but as it continued, I was a bit disappointed. Saperla yang cakap Carrey Mulligan tu was phenomenal in the movie. Are you blind?

To me, she was not convincing. She is supposed to show her distrust towards Gekko. But what she did was always run from the scene. Hei takde modal lain ke? And Michael Douglas, he was superb as Gekko the money expert but pathetic as the Gekko the father. Whenever he has scene with Carrey Mulligan, both of them were pathetic. 

Shia LaBeouf was great. Very earnest, realistic but not to the point of going overboard with the acting. If this boy can keep his head clear, he can really go far in the Hollywodd scene. (Didn't he got arrested because of DUI ?..sigh..)

And also in the end where Gekko said that he already deposited teh 100 mil to the Fusion Whatever account, both Winnie and Jake were really forgiving. Didn't Winnie said earlier, it's not about the money. If it wasn't about the money, it should be about the betrayal right? No, no, no in the end it's really about the money... Sigh again...

Anyways, I am no expert. that's my point of view. It could be better, though. But it gives me a glimpse of what may happen during the Merryl-Lynch, Lehman Brothers or Bear Steins meltdown and the US economic crisis.

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