Monday, December 13, 2010

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Went to watched the 3rd installment of Narnia last Sunday. Was thinking about watching Social Network, but lain kalilah. Again, I watched it at Alamanda, on the 2.30 pm show. Tak mau dah watch on the 5.30 pm show. Teringat that I have to run lintang pukang to perform the prayer, sebab the Harry Porter show took more than 2 hours.

Overall, the movie was nice. Not a dull moment. Fast paced, tak sempat nak tido macam masa tengok Harry Porter the other day. The story line was coherent, understandable, tak banyak scene which confuses you or too many flash back. Probably better than the earlier 2 Narnia, because this time around there's less main character. Lucy, Edmund and Caspian with. Takde ramai sangat nak jadik hero so  the heroic role was nicely distributed with the absence of Susan and Peter. 

It is a good family movie. Boleh bawak kids tengok. Though the critics were harsh for the 3rd Narnia, and reckon that this will be the last installment, I enjoyed every minute of it. For me, I like watching movies like that. Yang tak payah berat kepala fikir. I have enough things around me  that made my head spins. I don't need movies that will challenge me mind.

I don't know whether there's anymore Narnia after this. Quite nice watching the kids grow up in the movie.  Ok, What's next?

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