Sunday, December 26, 2010

Malaysia won 3-0 on the first leg Final of Suzuki Cup!

The sea of Malaysian fans in Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil
Alhamdulillah. Our boys have made us proud by winning the first leg Final of Suzuki Cup with the aggregate of 3-0. Yeeehaaa. Was not at the National Stadium nor was I in front of the TV watching them since me and Mr. Dream went out to buy goggles and light bulbs at IOI. 
We were listening to the radio and Mr. Dream got updates from his friends that the score was 0-0 during the first half. By the time we were finish shopping and turn on the radio, we heard very upbeat songs, Menggegar Dunia played on the radio station. Sounded like a victory song to me.  Right after the song, the DJ announced that Malaysia had won 3-0!! Wohoooooo. 

We had to use the lebuhraya Puchong-Bukit Jalil to go home. The cars line up all the way from Taman Bukit Jalil up till err even further than Astro!  Triple parking di kiri dan kanan jalan. Fuuuuhh ramai gila fan Malaysia pergi sokong kan. You rock guys. Masa kami lalu tu motor-motor tengah keluar semua kibar bendera Malaysia. Funny jugak nampak fan Indonesia dekat tepi jalan semua angkat tanda Peace jek. Rilekla brader, orang Malaysia cool lah, takde de nak gaduh2. Apa barang. Tapi kalau kalah, errr tataulah kan. Hahahha. 
Anyways, the goals were scored by Safee Sali on the 61th and 73rd minutes. Another goal is scored by  Mohamad Ashari Samsudin on the 68th minutes. All in the span of 10 minutes. Anyways, well done boys! You ROCK! Jangan happy2 sangat. There's one more leg in Stadium Gelora Bung-Karno, Jakarta this Wednesday. All the best, boys. Make us proud!

Picture credit to The Star and Utusan Malaysia


  1. wooohoooo superb la..
    acu dpt tgk kt youtube je hahaha..
    but i was updated with the score by sha yg tgk kt umah hehe.. anyways gudlak to the boys for the 2nd leg..
    make us proud guys..

  2. Superb!!
    Takpe kakok pon tak tengok.
    Terlupa, dengar kat radio masa on the way ke IOI jek... Tulah kena doa2 sikit kasik menang.. Pasang laser lebih2 sket hahahha..