Saturday, March 12, 2011

Beggin' by Madcon - My current fav

I am currently in love with this song. Heard this song on Bulletin Utama in one of the segment just now.  I was trying to listen to the lyrics, apa yang disebut tuh, so that I can find the song on the net. All that I got was, Baby, baby blue and the rest was a blur as they fade the sound during the segment. But I put myself to the test and googled. My search brought me to other stupid songs. So I changed my keyword and the found someone, who asked who sang that song Baby, baby blue. 

Guess what? It wasn't even the right lyrics! Hahaha. Someone corrected him, and said he thought it was Baby, baby blue as well. Later he found out it was Beggin', Beggin you. So that's how I found the song was from Madcon titled Beggin from Norway. (I don't really follow music right now. But for the music that I like, I really make an effort to find who sings it and so on.) It was a remake of 1960s song Frankie Vallie.

Here's the song

Be patient for the first 15 seconds where the MC introduce Madcon. After that, enjoy...

Oh the American Idols season 2009 top 5-10 sang this a group as well. Awesome too. Comel jek dance sikit2 towards the end of the clip. Macam group yang dance in the 60s gitu. Excuse the quality. Amateur recording kot.

Sang by Anoop Desai, Matt Giraud, Scott MacIntyre, Michael Sarver, Megan Joy and Lil Rounds perform "Beggin'" live in Sacramento, CA on 7/10/09.

Credit to Youtube.

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