Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa The Movie - A Review

3 updates in 2 days? Bior betul? Yes, I know it's very rare of me updating my blog as frequent as this. But I can't help it. I need to share it, now!

I went to watch Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa at IOI Puchong. Even though the hype was not that big for the movie, we went anyways, since we know that KRU rarely let us down. I intended to watch it at Alamanda. Almost all shows are full, up till midnight. Sigh. So we watched it at IOI instead. We missed I guess around 10 minutes. Adoila frust betul. Salah sendiri lah. Lambat sangat bersiap. 

I give an overall verdict lah ye. Kalau cerita lebih-lebih, tak thrill lah korang nak tengok. So I would not go plot by plot lah. I think it deserve 4 stars rating. Actually I could give the movie maybe 4.5 if it's not for the archimedes bit. Adoilah. Frust aku. Gaya nak conclude cepat jek at that scene.

Dari segi lakonan. Mostly best berlakon. Umee Nazeera ada cam terover sikit, in a few part. Less is more right. This is a movie, not a theater, right Part dia perhatikan Merong masa Merong nak berlepas di celah-celah orang tu, was beautiful. She looked the part. Sesuai rupa dia untuk part tu, cuma entahlah, she lacked some depth kot. Another actress, there's one part where Nell Ng, ada cakap cam Singlish lak aku dengar. Spoil.

Stephen Rahman Hughs was great, not exactly superb but great nonetheless. Dato' Rahim Razali best jugak. Very cryptic, the words which came from his mouth. If anyone can pulled that kinda script, its him. What caught my eye was Marcus who was played by Gavin Stenhouse. I think the role would have been really boring if it was not played superbly by him. It's enough of everything. I guess maybe because I don't really like superhuman/superheroes-I- am-not afraid-of-anything kinda role; so the Merong part does not appeal to me. Maybe that's why Marcus role really speaks to me. A prince but with fear and apprehension but not too much. Everything was in sufficient moderation. Just nice. 

Khir Rahman was superb as well. My husband, Mr Dream always called him Tun Mamat, the role he played in Puteri Gunung Ledang. He was vicious, cruel and fought like a true villain. Dasyat. No wonder he is in good movies one after the other. 

Craig Fong was a great admiral as well. He was Cleo's Most Eligible Bachelor winner, some time ago right? If only his role and Gavin were more. Should be more interesting. I remembered I was really glad to see when they both came back later in the movie.

The princess reminds me a bit of Lucy Liu. But not too much. I like her sweet raspy voice. The brief love story brought into the movie was really needed. Imagine if there's no love  story in this movie. Boring. If only there's a scene of Marcus and the princess getting married, owh bestnya! Oh ya, the soundtrack was great as well

Only 2 things that I don't like; sometimes the fight scene way too fast, and looked not humanely possible. Another part is, yes the archimedes part. Why oh why do you have to have that part? Why??
Hey I'm spoiling this for you! Okay, I won't tell you more. You have to watch it yourself. Money well spent. Not a dull moment, I promised you. You'll go out of the cinema feeling proud of this Malaysian movie. I kid you not. You will feel proud. Jangan lupa, pergi tengok cepat!

Note : All of this are my personal take on the movie, and I am not an expert, just a mere audience.

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