Saturday, March 12, 2011

Matta Fair - 2011

I went to Matta Fair this morning. Went there with my bro and sis in law. We planned to arrived at the fair before 10. Cheewaahh, so that we would already be there, when it opens. Yeah, right. The traffic was really bad, going into KL. Maybe it's Matta Fair, maybe because it was raining. Anyways we eventually reached PWTC errr around 12! So much, for arriving before it opens. Anyways, this is my 3rd consecutive year going. So I already know the drill. Go and pay enterance fee RM3, the'll give you a bag, and you can start browsing. 

We went to the first hall, which is the domestic packages. Gila pack. Macam tak boleh jalan, so we decided to go to international hall, which is located across the river. I kid you not. Memang kena merentasi sungai baru sampai. I mean thru the linkbridge lah, takdelah kena mengharung sungai. I noticed that the river looked nicer this year. Maybe it has been reconstruct and looks now like a rapid/jeram. Cantik pulak. 

At the international  hall, it's not too pack. Bolehla jalan. We went to the first counter, and ask about the tickets that my bro required, and alhamdulillah we got a great bargain for it. They almost wants to buy online before this, again praise to God that has brought us to Matta Fair and got a much..much better deal. 

After that we tried and browse around for a while, until my feet hurts in order to compare prices. But we later went back to the first travel agent, since she has the best  offer After paying, we walk back to the domestic hall.  Ingat nak balik terus, but we thought, we were already there. Why not we just browse a little. Iyerla tu browse aje. Kopak duit aku beli pakej domestic pulak. 

But you know what, I don't regret it. I'm looking forward to it. Money well spent. Errr maybe not the right term. Hahaha. We went back to the mall, ate a superb mee bandung at the food court(tapi sikit sangat.. tak cukup! Tengah layan pedas-pedas tu sekali dah habis. Potong betul) and went back. Masa nak balik, we walked thru Parkson, aduh cantik-cantiknya handbag di situ. If I don't have to go back to the office, I'm sure I would have bought another handbag. Another handbag?? As if you don't have enough.

Note : Ada cerita bodoh dekat PWTC berkaitan pameran slimming package. Hahaha. I will save that story for another entry at another blog. 

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  1. thanks for the ticket kok.. yeay!!im coming back this summer hehe.. n handbag tu xyah la bli acu blikan nnt kt cni bwk blek murah sket haha

  2. Handbag mana nih? Handbag mana nih? Cer citer..cer citer hahahhaha...

  3. handbag memane la yg awok nok.. bg duit sume ok hahaha xpn ngecek la mama sket hehe

  4. Hishh nanti kena browse dan pikir dulu tang handbag tuh.. kang aku tak berkenan karang haruuuu,..