Monday, March 7, 2011

iPad - A Belated Review

Assalamualaikum, Yes, guilty. I have been neglecting this blog. Being back to school has made me neglect a lot of other things in my life. Weekends are spent reading journals and researching. (Iyelah tu..).. Anyways, now after reading and logging my journal reading in  literature review table I am going to write a post on iPad. 

Yes I got one.  Even before the iPad arrived in Malaysia officially. I can't believe my luck when I got the iPad in lucky draw when I was in London. I was never ever lucky like that. Anyways, the iPad was flown from London to my office in KL, later. I didn't even knew how to switch it on. But the funny thing is when I ggogled about it, seemed that many people ask this question as well. Ok, so that's the background. I am not too techy, so my review is basically what I encountered totally from my experience. 

  • Super cool!
  • The screen is super smooth and super responsive. Have to read though on how to err navigate the touch screen. The single tap, the double tap, the triple tap, the hold, the squeeze. I wonder if there's more?
  • Totally awesome for gaming. You steer the iPad as if you are driving the car, if its a car race game. All the things that iPhone does basically when involved gaming
  • Buying games or apps online is a breeze once you setup your apple account
  • Apps and games are cheap, you can buy it from USD 0.99
  • Its really fast to boot up and shut down
  • Identified wireless signal instantly after boot up
  • Crystal clear picture. Suddenly all pictures are HD like

  • It does not have usb ports, hence
  1. No transferring data, pictures or musics from your thumbrive
  2. Have to use the connection cable from your iPad to PC to transfer even a single file, of course then you have to switch on your PC lah.
  3. Can't use your broadband dongle, you have to buy a micro-sim. What? Takkan nak ada satu lagi pakej broadband? **pengsan
  • Quite heavy. I prefer the size of the Galaxy tab. I can put it in my handbag
  • Does not support Flash Player and will not support it
  • Certain Java apps can't be played
  • Nothing is free. Even PDF reader pon kena beli. Yang free tu, boleh pakai 2-3 kali jek, damn!
  • Can't make call.
  • Can't multi task. Jangan harap nak bukak tab browser banyak2 and expect that it opens and downloads simultaneously. It opens and downloads one after the other.
  • Does not have webcam, so can't video skype with friends
Okay, I am beginning to feel a bit sleepy. So I leave you with this review. Overall it is still a great gadget. Just bear in mind that it's not a replacement for notebook or netbook. It helps you to be mobile. It's great for entertainment (browsing, social network, gaming) but to me it's a poor substitute for a notebook and I think Apple does not have that objectives in mind when they created this iPad. . So if you are buying one, please make sure that you don't have that kind of expectation in mind. 


  1. Yup, the non existence of the USB port is a bugger..


  2. planning to get one jugak, encik abah cakap, jangan expect macam-macam kat IPad tu, kalau nak itu dan ini, jangan beli

    so more to reading aje kot kegunaan IPad tu, untuk akak le :)

  3. Kak Ummi,

    Untuk reading not bad. But every time nak download mender2 most of the time kena download ke PC, pastu transfer ke ipad. sbb tak leh pakai usb kan. But if you but books online, terus boleh download ke ipad lah.. Tengok2 lah ipad2.. katanya nipis dan power lagi..

  4. oh ye ke? so samsung galaxy is much better la eh? still heavy?

  5. Susah nak cakap, but at least samsung galaxy tu boleh tepon, ada kamera.. tapi aku tak sure ada usb port tak utk amek gambar.Faktor usb port tu penting utk nak transfer2 data.. In terms of size, galaxy tab lagi bagus. Kecik dan ringan lagi. In terms of application kena tengok2 gaks...tapi tang touch screen ipad bagus lagi kot..Ko gi kat mines gi test dua-dua.. hehhehe..