Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dinner at Red Wok Restaurant

I had dinner with Mr.Dream just now. Sempena birthday dia. His birthday, but I choose where to dine, smart girl kan. Hahaha, He is not fussy. I am the one who's very particular. Or in other word;fussy. Sebab dah tuakah? Anyways, after reading the reviews and salivating over the menu, I decided that we are going to Red Wok Restaurant Bangi.

Red wok serves steamboat, grill-steamboat as well as Chinese Ala-Carte menu. We have had the grill-steamboat previously. Opportunity to eat at a Chinese style food at a Chinese Muslim restaurant should not be missed, so there we went for our dinner. As always, Mr. Dream left the ordering to me. Ikutkan my napsu lapar tu tah apa-apalah yang akan ku order. but I managed not to go overboard and ordered :

Fresh orange and Kiwi Juice (Kiwi juice siap ada hirisan buah lagi)

Bangkok Tomyam Soup with milk
Sweet n Sour Fish Fillet

Salt n Pepper Soft Shell Crab

Pandan Chicken

Broccoli Oyster Sauce

Butter crispy prawn

The whole meal. With birthday boy dah start makan. (sure stress sebab kena siap ambik gambar baru boleh makan, muahahhaha.. Sorry babe)

Not overboard? Not overboard? Did I just went crazy when ordering? Makan untuk 2 orang saja. *pitam. Actually, I wanted to order beef and sizzling tofu as well, but Mr. Dream had given me the look already. Habis ke? It said. So we stopped at that.

The service was excellent. Food was on our table within 10 minutes. The last to arrive was the butter prawn. Tomyam soup with milk was excellent. Butter prawn was crispy and the stringy bit was crispy as well. Tasted great. Brocolli with oyster sauce, good, sweet n sour chicken, great. Soft shell crab, was a tad salty but was ok. Pandan chicken? Hmm have tasted better, but not bad.

Overall, the food was great. Actually we wanted to try the whole fish, steamed kerapu or siakap. But takut tak habis, hence ordered the fish fillet jek. Lagipun malas nak makan ikan bertulang tadi, tengoklah we even ordered soft shell crab, sebab malas nak kopek ketam, hahaha. Pemalas punya orang. Disebabkan pemalas juga, we didn't finish eating the butter prawn. Malas nak kopek kulit udang, muahahha (actually dah kenyang gila masa tu).

The portion was big as well, what we ordered just now, can feed 4 people satisfyingly I think. A bit on the pricey side, but as I mentioned the portion was huge. Tempatnya sangat bersih dan luas, sesuai for family, kalau budak-budak dah bosan, boleh lari-lari. The service was excellent and fast. Disebabkan servisnya cepat, I am considering of bringing my father to the restaurant. If not, he'll get grumpy, waiting.

For more details, menu and price, you can browse their website at http://redwok.wordpress.com/


  1. Memang sedap..Memang sedap.. tapi portionnnya besar. tak abis..

  2. Yeah, balik nih boleh makan yang tapaw semalam. Buat bukak pose..