Wednesday, June 9, 2010

WC2010 : Could warm-up game turns againts you?

Most of the team who qualified for the World Cup Final 2010 (which is starting in 2 days!) scheduled for a warm up game, friendly or whatever they wanna call it.

Having the opponent flying whilst keeping his feet high and fracturing someone's body parts doesn't sound too friendly to me. More injuries has been highlighted in the past few days made me think that probably having these pre-WC-matches is not the best way to prepare for the WC FInal. Especially if you play against a team who qualified to the WC2010 final as well.\

Of course both team want to do well. A win could boast their morale. A win could indicate their true performance during the actual WC matches. But this would also mean that both team would play their heart out during these pre-games, which will almost result in injuries. In my opinion they should play against non WC final qualifier. Rids the pressure of winning; yet just enough to ensure that you play well as a team.

Ok..Ok some of team didn't even have pre-WC-match but still faced injured players. Tough luck and what a disappointing thing to be injured by your own team-mate during training. When this happens, the race for recovery becomes interesting. And by then, some nation would show that their hope rest on one man where all the best doctors, medications, physiotherapist even shaman would be summon to expedite the recovery.

More drama will unfold.

**Picture credit to FIFA.COM & Getty Images


  1. i believed that Ivory Coast is not going any further than round 2, they obviously put the burden on DD Drogba alone IMO...

  2. It's a team game. 1 man can't win it for the team. Even Zidane can't be successful if all other players around him sucked..