Wednesday, June 30, 2010

World Cup 2010 : Spain is through

Spain is thorough to Quater Finals! Thank you David Villa. I know, I know I have been updating on World Cup selectively. I update whenever I have time, i update on my favorite team, I update on the game that I actually got to watch and again I update when I feel like updating. So sue me!

I think everybody noticed that the ref during this world cup are competing on who shows the card the most, hence the staggering number of yellow and cards shown. Kadang-kadang tu sikit punya hal pon nak kasi kad, apesal lah.

Ok, later..

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  1. Referee tahun ni paling worst la, takde standardization. Bayangkan the same offence, tapi ada players yg bleh lepas just because refree a bit lenient, but at the other side, a player faced suspension from a game just because the refree tu strict sgt. Ini tidak adil!

  2. Betullah sangat kan sis.. I agree!