Saturday, June 19, 2010

Follow your World Cup 2010 favorite team

Okay friends, I have added a widget from Promote baeeekk punya. You can change it to your favorite team, and it will display news, last game's score, and the date of the next game. Just click Change, and you can select you favorite team. And if you wanna read more, just click at the widget or at any team, and you'll redirected to website.

I am trying to add to the hype. Bosan je kan, tengok World Cup since it started, right. Tahap rasa tak berjaga malam pon tak rugi kan. So I am trying to add some widget to this blog so that we can feel the heat of this lukewarm World CUp 2010. Kasi panas sikit.

I've added footie tube earlier but I had to remove it for the time being. That Footie Tube, looks really good and interesting. The code has errors in it. When it stabilized I'll put it back again. Footie tube tu takde guna langsung jugak kalau internet cam siput hahaha.


  1. Footie tube tuh, kalau opis block youtube tak leh tengok gak.

  2. the best WC IMO is WC1998!

    viva la france...