Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Spain's game at last

Finally Spain will play. Spain will play against Switzerland in 1 and a half hour. Can't wait. I am pumped! Chile currently playing against Honduras and is leading by a goal-nil. After Spain v/s Switzerland game which is the last game of the first round, the home team will play against Uruguay.

I will update later about headhunting. I am focusing my energy on the Spain's game. Hahhaaha.

p/s - Mampusla aku kena kutuk kalau Spain kalah.. Hahahha. Think positive.. think positive..


  1. main cantik tapi tak boleh score...
    torres masuk baru nampak berbisa skett serangan La Furia Roja

  2. da la spain kalah pastu jerman lak kalah arini.. haduih.. btw does anyone notice that the number of red cards shown is like a card a day??hmmm byk bebenor sending off nye

  3. Ayein

    Yup, ada gak yang cam questionable gak sent off tuh. Pesal tah cepat noo the ref capai kad merah kali nih.