Tuesday, June 22, 2010

France is out...Federer had a scare...and great nasi lemak Zaman

Hi people, as you can see, I have removed the widget from the blog haha. Why? It's smart looking but it does not provide latest scores or new or whatever. Baik lah klik aje dekat Fifa punya website tu kan.

Okay France have said goodbye now. Adoih, the aging team is one thing but the feud with the manager is totally damaging. So 1 football giant is out. This week we will see who's going to the round of 16.

Owh I saw the Wimbledon as well. Poor Wimbledon, have to compete with World Cup. Anyways, I watched Roger Federer had a terrible scare of loosing on the first round. He fought back, as expected. But man, that probably shook him up.

Went back to my hometown on Sunday for an emergency family matters. Settled everything on Monday evening. Headed back to KL this morning. On the way back, me my other half and my two brothers were adamant that we have to stop and have that nasi lemak at Zaman Restaurant. The four of us ate, 6 packs of nasi lemak, 3 roti kosong, 1 roti telur and 2 karipap with drinks of course. *pitam. We never missed eating that nasi lemak at Zaman's. My brother hold the record of eating 13 packs of nasi lemak! I don't think it was at 1 go though, but he finished it in one morning!

Masuk kereta semua tido, my 2 brothers were up since the day before,for they went to watch Spain vs Honduras at MacDonald Teluk Cempedak. Our hotel doesn't have World Cup Channel, can you believe that? Anyways we are safe and sound at our house back in KL.


  1. Nasik lemak Zaman always the best! you better try it. Berbaloi2.


  2. now, Itali is out!!!

  3. Kak Nonie,

    Silalah terliur. Sangat sedap kak.. Lemak berkrim gitu nasi lemaknya.. hehhe..