Friday, June 18, 2010

Headhunter and Headhunted

Asyik cerita pasal World Cup je kan, letih juga. Kalau nak update yang terkini silalah masuk ye. Here I will update about the team that matters jek, muhahahah. Kejam tak. Okay I was about to talk about something else actually.

Headhunter? I am referring to the headhunter in the job seeking and hiring industry. Eh ada ke headhunter dalam industri lain. Ada kot. I am going to share with you my few experiences with headhunter and being headhunted.

First, How to get headhunt?
You can sign up with an agency(s), send them your resume, what industry is your preference and they will do the matching with the current or future vacancies. Or, you can do what I do which is, submit your resume to the free job seeking website out there such Jobstreet, Jobsdb, Monsters etc and ensure that you make your resume search-able by the prospective employer or the headhunting agent who is always lurking on those sites to find suitable candidates for the hiring company. Another thing, please enter a good keyword so that your resume will stand out. And you can search in the net on how to jazz up your resume a bit.

If you are in a hurry to get a job. This is not the ideal method of finding a job. You have to actively apply for a suitable job if you want to get a new job fast. But if you are already employed, and quite happy at your work place but wants to explore other opportunities out there, then this is a good method to find a new lead. I got all my previous interviews for the past 2-3 years this ways. Most of the opportunities is an upgrade of what I currently have in my job.

Headhunter ni pon ada macam-macam character. Some of them are:

1. Nice
2. Made all kind of excuses to the hiring company if we can't come to the interviews but still wants us to go to the interview. Amongst the excuses are :
  • " She is in the middle of audit, so being a responsible staff, she has to priorities on her work, can we reschedule?"
  • " Her car broke down, can we reschedule?" ni memang hampeh, terbangak-bangak aku bila the hiring manager tanya, How's your car?
  • " She is not in Malaysia. She has overseas assignment. Can we reschedule?" Yeah, right!
3. really persistent, even called you on weekends and after office hour to push you to go to that interview
4. Prep you and conduct a mock interview just to ensure you ace the interview. - duh, pagi2 sabtu suruh aku jawab interview dengan tak madi dan tak gosok gigi lagi tu. Of course I flunked the mock interview~alasan..hahaha

And so on. But they will negotiate the interview date and time for you, tell you what the expectations, email you the map, and of course nego the salary and remuneration package. We of course have to be firm when we don't want or are not interested in a post that is offered. Sometimes they can be sooo persuasive that sometimes you went anyways to the interview that you already know that you are not that keen about or probably wayy beyond your expertise and capabilities. (yes, happened to me once). Okay so what's the conclusion to this post? Nothing. Hahaha.

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  1. Banyak songel gak ek headhunter ni ek?