Monday, June 28, 2010

England is out! England is out!

Okay so the French have been sent packing and so did the Italian. It's a shame that the German-England clash came a bit early. I am not a fan of England, but the world cup seemed a bit boring without the English. Tak best la nak mengutuk, hahahha. Too much pressure la on England. Rooney tak score pon kan. Camner nak score punyalah heavy pressure on him? Did you see the Nike ad? ala-ala the fate of England is on his shoulder. Sir Rooney lah sangat.. Hahahha.

On the other end, the Germans won. I asked my other half, did they play like a champion? My other half said that the German's goal are mostly because of their pace. Not due to their superior football. So if they meet with teams that is level in pace, then they probably have a tougher time.

Anywayssss, the world cup will get more interesting in this knock-out stage of course. Will see whether the Argentine can live up to the expectation. Messi ko pressure tak? And Spain vs Portugal? Please la Spain, please advance.
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