Monday, June 14, 2010


Upcoming matches:

Okay. Okay I know I should have reviewed the Argentina vs Nigeria, South Korea vs Greece and the US vs England game. First, I was already quite behind in doing the game review. It's already all over the newspaper already and has been reviewed and scrutinized over and over again at Astro Sports Channel. Only that channel is on at my home with fly buzzing as in the background. Secondly, I intended to paste the cute flags above in this posting (Credit to FIFA.COM) for the the 3 games but the bloody flags kept on driving me crazy when I paste it. I gave up. Okay let me update it briefly in point form only :
  1. Argentina could have scored more or rather Messi could have scored. He isn't human anyways, right.
  2. Nigerian goal keeper did well, no surprise he was the best player for that game
  3. Go Korea.. Go pilsung Korea. Go!Go! Go! Park Jae Sung looks funny with short hair. Hey I'm a girl of course I noticed things like that, haha.
  4. Wei England tu dah takde striker ke? Hahaha. Must you rely on Heskey? and later Peter Crouch? Kesian..
  5. Sean Wright Philip did well, I think. But that Lennon, haiyyoh get him outta there! Not effective at all.
  6. Pity Green, butter fingers.
  7. And last but not least. Am not a fan of Maradona, but boy was he entertaining. I think he was playing the camera. He knew that the camera will always focus on him, so he pulled all kinda response that he knew is interesting to be watched. Interesting can be a lot of thing, kan. Tak daya, tengok dia berlari-lari ke hulu ke hilir dengan body yang bulat itu. Muahahhaha.
What's your take on those matches?
Ok, gotta pen off now, have a big day tomorrow. See ya people.

p/s -Bilalah Spain nak main nih?

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  1. England keeper's suck... lol
    while Germany in a good form