Friday, June 11, 2010

It's here!

World cup is finally here. In several hours we will witness the opening game. I love the build up prior to the game. Love to see the drama before the kick-off the 2010 World Cup. I found it funny too when :

  1. People race to buy HD TV
  2. People upgrading or changing their cable TV programme
  3. Fans plan with friends to watch the matches at Mamaks or other giant-screen TV location
  4. Fans buying jerseys of their favorite team
  5. Fans place bet through their bookies, bookies are having a field day. They already collected bet worth billion of dollars
**********gotta stop here. got some work to do. later......

Owh South Africa just scored the opening goal of the 2010 World Cup. What a magnificent goal! Okay I will write more. Probably posting will revolves around World Cup for the time being.


  1. not that easy for the host, Mexico equalised.. final result 1-1

  2. South Africa should have scored more. They loose their poise in front of the post. What a waste..

  3. watched the uruguay-france match in HD.. its awesome!!!hahaha btw i dont see france going too far in this world cup judging by how they played in that match...

  4. yup it was clearer haha.. if u noticed that this world cup broadcast shows a lot of replays in slowmo.. so everything looks better in HD..