Monday, July 12, 2010

And Spain won!!

Lompat..lompat.. Yehaaaa Spain Won! Spain won! Spain won!

I am soooooo happy.

The game started a bit boring especially on the first half. Well, Spain normally played like that, I think. The second half was better. And the extra time? Wohooooooo!!

Their first time ever to win the World Cup! The world champion! They even prepared and wore the jersey which have 1 star. (1st time world cup champion) Talk about being prepared huh?

Anyways overall personally I don't think that Spain won because they played superb and magnificent football, for I think other country played better at times than Spain. But I think they won because they maintain level headed at all time and and when it mattered. We see great football team like German and Argentina which are quite superior on the pitch but crumbled when it mattered most.

Enough said. Viva Espana!!Oh yes, and Del Basque finally smiled, hehehe.


  1. yeah... spain win!

  2. Sharinginfoz,
    ye ker belah sebelah.. i think they got most of it right, hahahah..tapi memang banyak giler yellow card..

    yup. glad that my fav team won as well..

  3. BC,
    Casillas nangih tak hengat punya hahaha.

    yeyah spain won! yehaaa..