Sunday, July 18, 2010

How to get more traffic to your blog : Tips 3

Hiya people. I intended to wrote about the 3rd tips on how to get more traffic last night. Again, I was dead tired. Apsal asyik penat je nih? Sign of ageing? Hahaha.Tonight I m writing it a lil bit early okay BluesCIvic, no more writing at the wee hours in the morning.  Anyways, let's just get to it. 

Tips 3 : If you are cute/pretty/handsome/gorgeous/good looking/well groomed;flaunt it!
People no matter what they say will always be attracted to beautiful things, in this case attractive bloggers. 

But you pretty thing out there, if you ain't got a personality or can't write, hmmm some of your readers may be discourage to come visit as often as you like. I give you few example of successfull blogger, who are getting tonnes of traffic, and have loyal readers, simply because they write interesting things plus they are good looking. 

Example : 

Hanis Zalikha, she's a famous blogger, and have tonnes of loyal readers. She's cute and her postings are cute as well. Advertisement companies like Nuffnang adores her. And her earning with Nuffnang is quite substantial.
Click, Hanis Zalikha's blog
Cheesie, another famous blogger. If you have never been to her blog, it's your lost. She is pretty and also witty. Her globetrotting around the world is also another reason for me to frequent her blog. Yeah, there's a lot of other travel blogs out there, but a pretty girl who's travel savvy and travel smart? Put a cute girl  with breathtaking scenery at the background; Wins; hands down every time.To read more about Cheesie, click here

I have only just started to read Darkbatman's blog. I stumbled upon his blog when I am researching about Nuffnang actually. He has a lot of good tips about Nuffnang and doesn't mind sharing it with his readers. He also gives health advice on loosing and gaining weight, gaining muscle and so on, and of course the beauty part of it is  he shows you how to do itlah. Click here of you want to see the content of Darkbatman's blog

Another cute blogger is Redmmummy. She also has tonnes of readers. She won the Bloggers Idol 2006. She was also in Malaysia Fear Factor. She wrote simply of what's interest her like make-up,fashion, her daily routine, her travel. Her writings is simple and not too formal. And of course she's one hot mama. Click here to read RedMummy's blog
I took this from her banner. There's a lot more cute pics in her blog. You can go check it out.

The above are some example of good looking people who have huge numbers of followers. Which often translated to being loved by advertising companies. So if you think that you are cute/pretty/handsome/gorgeous/good looking/well groomed or photogenic, don't blog anonymously. Put up your pictures. Readers love to put a face to all those postings. But be prepared to loose your privacy. Yes, you are a celebrity now.

For those who are shy and value your privacy or just don't think that putting up their face can drive traffic to their blog; don't fret. I'll put up a posting on personality, next. Stay tune for my next tips. 

Note : Picture credit to all the bloggers mentioned above.


  1. Ken,
    Hmm, so far none of my tips worked for you. Okay, I will not be disheartened, and will continue to write this tips until 1 suits you okay.

  2. Oho,

    so you are using cute avatar to attract me, eh?

  3. BC,
    If it works,then why not? hehehhe.. are you saying you are attracted to.. muahahhahah..

    Zamri A.
    Hmm but the most successfull ones are of course the pretty face yet smart ones, right? Hahahha.