Thursday, July 15, 2010

How to get more traffic to your blog : Tips 1

Atau dalam Bahasa Melayunya, Bagaimana menjana lebih trafik ke blog anda. I will be writing a series of tips on how to generate and attract more traffic to our blog. (with my ears hearing the rerun of Glee on the TV), I know you people are probably  laughing at me now.Traffic tak seberapa, nak cerita pasal attracting traffic. This posting is written from my extensive reading and research. Whether I have practiced all of them is another story. Biasalah aku, jenis-jenis cakap tak serupa bikin punya. Hahaha.  But I am sure if people use all this tips, they will sure to generate more traffic. 

Okay the trips are in no particular order. You can pick and choose which one you want. I don't copy paste from other people's posting. I am putting my observation in my own words (apsal defensive sangat nih?). Okay here goes;

Tips 1:
Write about sensational current issues. Things that people wanted to know more about.   Or  write about individual or group of people that the readers love to hate. More often than not, menyampah-menyampah pon, sometimes tangan tu gatal jugak nak google kan, if only just to say padan muka;u deserve it b*tch! hahahha. For example I know that writing about Tom Juara MyStar LG dipukul oleh keluarga mangsa or Tom Juara MyStar LG memukul mangsa yang sedang mengandung will get me tonnes of traffic. Because it's new, it's hot, it's still unresolved, and there's a lot of perspective to the story. As I said before people love to find someone to hate.

You should also write about things that is not all over the news. Or has appeared on the news but was sugar-coated or seemed to be hiding something. Some news that seemed fishy, or scandalous even though you don't even know the truth. Who cares about the truth, right? It's the internet! People just want juicy gossip. You can always give your personal opinion on it. Just see how many blogs are writing about gossips particularly celebrity gossip. Or compiled gossip. They are doing fine, fine, fine in the traffic business.
Anything that is controversial and sensational  is good for traffic. Especially if it's current. Didn't the bloggers had a field day when Sultan of Brunei divorced her second wife Azrinaz Mazhar. The papers only reported the divorce, but bloggers and celebrity website was having a blast speculating on the reason. Good traffic right? 

So jump onto the bandwagon. Write about sensational and controversial title. Be sure to write current ones. Don't write zaman tok kaduk punya controversi ya, soooo yesterday. 

Oklah mengantuk dah aku. Esok kerja, have to be up early for site visit tomorrow. Be sure to tune in for my next tips.


  1. Ken,

    Wait, this is only the first tip.. I am sure the next few tips will be related to you.. heheh. That's why you have a lot of traffic.

  2. Bluecivic,
    No matter how people denies it, people love gossips.

    iyer, blog aku pon taklde gossip sebab tu tak ramai visitors, hahaha apa lagi gi lah karang gossip!

  3. Oh, oh my...I tak tahu pun kalau bergossip traffic will increase ngan banyak nyer...hehehe

  4. Tengok lah blog2 yang banyak traffic tu kan ke banyak gossip tuh..