Monday, July 5, 2010

No football for 3 days; I'm lost

I know, I know. Pathetic kan. Takde bola, terus lost tatau apa nak buat. But seriously, when you have been following the World Cup religiously for the past 3 weeks with multiple game per night, once it's on a break, you're kinda lost. At least I am.

I live in an apartment. Sometimes I do not have to watch the TV, and I know by the sound and cheers, someone had scored. Owh ada score, kalau dah baring nak tido pon, boleh bangun and on the TV, to watch the replay of the scored goal. Since yesterday, the block has been pretty quite. The mamak and arab stall/restaurant across the road pon sunyi sepi. People are probably catching up on sleep, kemas rumah, do laundry or whatever that they have been procrastinating to give way to world cup. Imagine our lives when it's totally over. Bosannyaaaaaaa.. Have to wait for 4 more years to get the feeling back, or at least another 2 years for Euro.

Since there's no game tonight and tomorrow, I guess it's perfect timing since I have lotsa catching up to do on my work. I have been putting some work off, due to some decision that I was made to wait. Since the decision, has swung(is it the past tense of swing?sounds funny) my way, I am on turbo gear to submit the work by 7th July. (it's already July? how time flies..) By the time I submit the work, the semi's will start. Immaculate timing. Ok people, later..

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  1. Kristin,

    Are you? So you are on which side? Better add another day, so that if your team doesn't win it, you have extra day to mop around at home. heheh. thanks for dropping by..