Friday, July 2, 2010

If I am a betting man, I would have lost!

Luckily I am not. So my money are safe. Pheww. You see, I am not a big Brazil fan. Not a even a fan kot. But, I would have never-ever put my money on Netherlands to beat Brazil. I think Brazil was a big bet for Final la at least. Yelah they got lotsa young legs this time. But, sebab young and hot headed la sampai kena buang padang tu kan. Pesal la you step on Roben tu. Budus, and you left your 10 countryman to find one more goal to equalize. Nangis Kaka. The Brazilian can't believe they are out! So the Netherlands are the first team to make to the Semis. Dasyat

Owh at the same time I am watching Wimbledon. Kesian wimbledon tak ramai orang tengok. Federer is already out. Kesian gak kan, semua iklan2 jam2 Rolex penaja Wimbledon tu featured him. (Does anybody else love the Rolex ad song? I do/ )Takpe cuba lagi next year. Currently Nadal is playing Andy Murray and leading by a set. Berdych has already booked a place in the Final by beating Djokovic. Nadal jumpa Berdych la kot in the Final. Ok sekian merapu di malam ini. Laterr....


  1. Kenwooi,
    So you were jumping up and down just now?

    Owh I don't. Yup, i thot that Brazil would win, not that I am a fan kan. At this rate I think Netherland will go to the Finals.

    and Thanks you both for stopping by..

  2. I am devastated that Brazil lost. But I don't think Holland can make it to the final. There's German/Argentina, Spain, Ghana.. we'll see