Thursday, July 8, 2010

Spain is through to the Final!

Paul the octopus got it right again! Spain is through to the Final. I was hoping, but I have readied myself for a loss. Talk about not optimistic, huh?

I was on the phone with my bro through out the second half. First half, I was still sleeping. Kerja wei esok. He's a german and spain fan. But for this game he was rooting for German.

Ngantuklah, tak larat nak buat ulasan. After Spain scored (thank you Puyol), ada beberapa substitution. When German masukkan Gomez, my bro smsed Ah Gomez da masok, mmg xde gol la german.

The joke was, player mana, kalau dia masuk sure team dia tak score? Gomez.
I never noticed this before. But apparently it's widely known amongst the German fan. I don't know why German didn't play well. Maybe they missed Mueller. Maybe because they are young team-the nerves got to them, or maybe because Spain scored first and lepas tu dok defend jek, so the Germans did not have the opportunity to counter attack. And of course Casillas did well.

Tak kisahla, yang penting Spain wins, I am happy!


  1. i happy too. how can we not love spain? ekekeke

  2. Yehaaa, hi-5 sikit Lin. I think they played well yesterday, as compared dgn masa lawan Paraguay tu. tak kisahla janji gi Final.. yehaaa..