Friday, July 9, 2010

Fernando Torres last minute advert?

I just saw this as for the past few days. On the early days of World Cup or even few weeks prior to World Cup the two person appears most on our cable TV is Lionel Messi and Frank Lampard. I guess the cable TV had to have some fall back plan since those two have been out of the world cup quite early. So they are banking on Torres, and I guess they were really hoping that Spain will make it to the final.

Well last minute investment seemed to paid off, Spain is in the final so Torres was a good choice. And since he's playing in Liverpool, his English is quite alright. Sometimes he sounded better than the Englishman Lampard. Hahaha.

He seemed cute though in the advert. On the field he looked well, tahla definitely not that cutela. But Torres, why can't you score? Why? Are you saving the best for last? Hopefully he find his magic in the final;err if he even plays. hahahah. Anyways, go Spain go!!

p/s - Paul the squid has made his prediction already right? Spain all the way!!!


  1. Ken,
    Owh did they filmed it at the same time? But they sure put the limelight on Messi and Lampard. Too much light, too much pressure and they are out. Did you see the Nike ad by Rooney, so over the top. Hahaha. Lagilah pressure mamat tu. Yup, so torres is the last man standing in the ad, so they touch up habis and features him habis-habisan one.

  2. Ala,
    Ye ke Nana, I thot he looked ok. Kinda cute. Better than on the pitch la kot.