Sunday, July 4, 2010

World Cup 2010 :German and Spain will meet at Semis

Whoo what a game yesterday. Paul the Octopus is right again! Tererlah Paul nih. Before the start of the German- Argentina clash, I thought they were even, 50-50 chance of winning. After the first goal at 3rd minutes by Mueller, I thought, man the Germans look really menacing. Argentina didn't play that bad in the first half, i think. But sloppy defense in second half just made it looked real easy for the Germans to score one goal after the other. The Argentine was thoroughly shredded into pieces.

I was in a discussion before this when I said that the German looked really strong and they got the pace. I was told that the German opponent lacked the pace, and the won just because of their pace not their footballing superiority. But then, the match yesterday showed otherwise, because Argentina does not lack of pace and footballing marvel. They just didn't play well yesterday or German didn't allow them to play their normal game. And yes, Maradona was crushed.
Next time Messi. Both are wearing number 10, hehe

The next game was, Spain vs Paraguay. Paraguay played a defensive game, and counted on counter attacks to create goal scoring chances. Giler berkumpul ramai-ramai depan gol. I think Spain was playing like headless chicken in the first half. Second half they created some chances but still weak in midfield. Passing cam haram jek, nasib baik Paraguay tak score. I think if they play like that against German, adios Espanyol! I was so upset with how they played. I think the midfield tak idup. Nasib baik ada Ineasta who created a lot of chances.

And of course thanks also to King Cassilas who had saved the penalty and the last minute attempt on goal by Paraguay. Cheis nasib jek korang lepas, Spain.

My bro said, he supported Germain, Holland and Spain in this World Cup. So he was quite happy with all the result. But, if this is the way Spain is going to play against German, sorry Spain, he'll be rooting for German. Me personally, I want Spain to win, but looking at how they played this morning. it didn't look like the traits of Champion. Not just this morning tau, in all game they looked quite nervous. Whatlaaa..

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  1. Germany seems to be determined to win the cup! They even changed their jerseys!! I'm Germany supporter! =)

  2. the semi between germany and spain would be a great game! =)

  3. Lemon,
    Owh no wonder you are so happy :) U know what, I think they can win it. If they maintained the way they play lah.

    I think so too lah. Hope that Spain can improve. If not, kena belasah by Germany lah. So you support which team, come on u can tell me...

  4. Overlord,
    Sorry bout that.. but true, they were annihilated..

  5. eh since when did i support netherlands??i've been a lifelong fan of Germany n as for Spain,i juz like the players n how they played,but not how they played in this world cup la hahaha.. for me their team setting is too defensive.. tkot sgt kalah.. tuka la alonso or busquets tu ngan fabregas ke silva ke pedro ke byk choice kot..