Friday, July 16, 2010

How to get more traffic to your blog : Tips 2

I owe you guys the next tips right? Back from work last night, I was dead tired and I hit the pillows at 9 pm. Terjaga at 3.30 am and remembered that I didn't write the next tips for how to get more traffic. Terus bangun and decided to write it. Talk about committed, huh? Gigih!

The next tip in this series is blog-walk, blog-jog or used to be called blog-hop. If you want more people to come to your blog, you gotta go to other people's blog. It's a promotion kinda thing. If you don't do that, who would know the existence of your blog.

When you arrived at someone's blog leave meaningful comments. Jangan main tepek jek comments that is irrelevant or copy-pasted from your previous comments at other people's blog, or kept saying, nice posting, nice blog. Dulu-dulu when we say that, it's genuine. Now it's the age where blogs are making money and relying on good traffic, commenting like that is not enough. Furthermore, there are berpuluh-puluh ribu bloggers out there in Malaysia alone. You gotta stand out.
Important for you to put your blog link, or link your latest post in the comment for people to memberi kunjungan balas. In order for your comments to stand out and attract other blog commenter/ readers to click at your blog link,  the comments must be sincere enough (as if you really read the postings, or witty and interesting enough for people to be curious, who's this dude, and click your blog. In short, komen-komen kenala berkualiti, bukan main tulis jek.

Oh and another thing, when people commented at your blog, go and do a kunjungan balas, and leave comment! This is to show appreciation. Unless kalau you dah jadik prominent bloggers and have tonnes of followers yang no matter what you write, you have already  established a loyal readers. 

Okaylah , tak larat nak eloborate further. So this is tips 2 of the series. I will write more. It's already 4.25 am, and I am signing off. 

Stay tune for the next tips.


  1. Cool tips, blog-hopping at your blog now :).

  2. what? you're posting at 4.25am. whatcha doin'?


  3. nice tips.. but shud include wif seo trick so ur blog will flood of visitor..ahahahha

  4. This is very nice tip indeed. I always blog-hopping and leave comments too, but they don't dare to come to my blog and leave comments. Sedih... :(

    Hopefully this time it'll changed. Lol. =)

  5. Thanks for sharing the tips. I came across yours kat mana lagi kalau bukan Kakak Kaler Merah tu. I m new in blogging world tu and memang sangat mahukan more traffic to my blog. Going to read more tips on this topiclah!

  6. Lilygrinn,
    Thanks kerana singgah sini..I pon baru jek terjun balik ke public blogging nih. so we share sesama tips okeh..

  7. Darkbatman,
    Bro, for that tips, I live it to you, to explain more. Nanti aku buat link ke blog ko for that tip okeh. Nak habiskan satu dua tips lagi nih..

    Zamri A,
    Don;t despair. Nanti2 adalah tu. Tak boleh nak harapkan something yang cepat2. sangat. Pelan2 ler, like this blog, camler ada yang singgah sangat. But I kept on writing, suatu hari nanti ade lerr..