Friday, July 23, 2010

How to get more traffic to your blog : Tips 5

I'd love to update but time is really not on my side. Updating now, whilst waiting for a call. Too much happening at the office has deterred my will to write. Nak menulis the next tips pon dah terganggu momentum. I don't know how people can squeeze time. At current, malam pon buat kerja. Work is killing me now. Serabut jiwa raga.  And I guess my theme for this blog has also played a hand in my semangat and the content I intend to write.

Tips 5 : The theme  of your blog is important, if you have few blogs. 

You can't be writing the same thing on each blog, right. Yes, you probably have different visitors and readers for your different blog, but you may have the same people. One blog you can write your daily happenings, but another two blogs? Takkan about your life jugak? How many life do you have? How interesting can your life be?

So the theme must help you in writing especially if you have multiple blogs. One of it writes about your life, another about travel, another about earning extra income, another about your hobby, hahah just a suggestion. If not you will run out of things to write. And when you run out of things to write, you won't update your blog as frequently. And when you don't update your blog frequently, you will loose your visitors and readers since they wont come and visit as frequently.

Waah I have completed another tips without intending to.. Hahahha. 

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