Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How to get more traffic to your blog : Tips 6

I found it so ironic that, I don't practice what I write on the tips so far, hence explaining my pathetic traffic. Hahahha. But I will still write! I know if people do use the tips they can get the traffic that they want. I guess I have 4 more tips to go before I am closing his topic. You can read the earlier tips from labels on the right hand menu. Okey next tip is : 

Update your blog every day
Muahahhaha, I know, I know I don't practice what I preach, but I learned from my readings  that all bloggers who are making big bucks with Nuffnang  or other ad companies and  get tonnes of traffic, update their blog almost every day. Sometimes few times a day. Damn, banyaknya idea.
Simple math is this, whenever you post an update, and you update your post at geng blogger, innit or go blogwalking while leaving a trace of your latest post, you can see the spike in your traffic right? For me, I update every other day. The day I post my posting will have a huge gap on the traffic with the day that I don't..Hishh apa cakap belit-belit ni. Owhh you know what I mean. 

So friends, try to update as often as you can. If you are a well known or a prominent blogger who already have loyal followers, update seminggu sekali pon tak apa. But for us who are still new in blogging world, or are really in the early stage of establishing followers or readers, kenalah update sekerap mungkin. Bosanlah orang kan, baru nak get to know us, asyik takde update jek, after a while they won't come back. And of course, updates must be berkualiti as well. 

Oklah people I am sooo mengantuk and tired, few weeks of lack of sleep and rest is really sapping my energy. Take care people. Till I see you for the next tips!


  1. Tips yg menarik tapi susah aku nak follow. I miss those days that I can blog almost everyday or 3 times a week. Kadang2 so many ideas and so much to tell tapi things always get in the way, argh excuses kan?

  2. Amy,
    Aku pon tak terikut sebenarnya sis. Tu yang aku cakap, aku ni bagi tips jek, but I myself are unable to update that often. Would love too kan? but howlah?

  3. Thanx bagu tips, sng2 bawak traffic light je lah kat blog.. :)

    ziarah la selalu ;p

  4. Good tips. I have no prob writing 30-40 entries per day esp when the idea pops up like cendawan lepas ujan (which usually happen after having a great cappucino lol!). but i tried to post differently at different day so that it look as if I wrote it every day. easy...
    tp still, traffic x naik pun. camner nih? lol!

  5. Salam Zamri,

    Wooohoo dasyat tuh that you can make 30-40 entries a day. Kasi sikit dekat I, hahhaha.