Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Thank you, you have served us well

I am giving myself a break from writing about football. Maybe one day break.Bosan tak asyik cerita pasal bola jek. Hehehe. Tomorrow or later I'll probably write about it again.

Just wanted to show off my new phone. Hehehe. Beside it is my old phone. Giler old fashion kan aku nih. I must say, that I am indebted to the old Nokia. The phone has been around since 2005 or 2006, and it's Mr. Dream's phone. He has moved on to other phone since then, but we always kept the old Nokia, as the fall back phone. Every time, our new phone is giving us trouble, we'll use the old Nokia. Very reliable, sturdy and get's the job done. For making and receiving calls and SMS, it's great. I think it's probably the first few model that has coloured screens. Hehehe.

Since last year, I have been using it back as my second phone. My main phone is a Nokia N95 which is provided by my company. I love N95. Except for the part that the battery cover is too fragile. Asyik patah jek. Dah tukar cover 2X sampai kadang-kadang pasang selotape, but the functionality rocks!

This E72 is a gift. I know, I know I'm a lucky girl. Dah berzaman tak pernah beli handphone sendiri. Still exploring the functions. I don't know why but it can't connect to my wireless at home like the N95. Have to expllore more I guess. And, I am not going to ask my IT guys to configure the push email function. No thank you. Nanti kena respond 24 jam jek, tak daya.

Anyway, I will still keep that old Nokia as the backup phone. Thank you, you have served us well.


  1. Dreamerz...I'm using the same old Nokia phone as my family handphone...slim and easy to use...with colored screen...

  2. Kak Anie,
    As long as does the job sudahla kan kak.

    heheh which one yang cute? yang lama ke yang baru?

    hello there...