Tuesday, August 31, 2010

And we lose again..

Sigh.. it's the 21st day of Ramadhan. We are in the last 10 days of Ramadhan. For those who have not grabbed enough opportunities to increase their ibadah in this holy month, we still have remaining 9 days to do so. And I am telling that to myself, please la Ms.Dream do more...

Okay, I was watching badminton, the last weekend, and was really rooting for our pair Koo Kean Keat and Tan Boon Heong, They look pretty menacing in the first half, and they were not bad in the second set despite loosing 18-21 to the Chinese. When it has to come to a decider, I told Mr. Dream. 

" Hmmm we are not that good in a decider, kan?

" Itulah," he answered worriedly. 

" If we won, we seldom win in a rubber set. Normally it's straight sets. Trailing from behind  just ain't our thing,"

He didn't say a word. Muka dah kelat. True enough, we lost the game to Chai Yun-Fu Hai Feng. Giler lah Fu Hai Feng tu, he smashed >300km/h that day, though he mad quite a number of mistakes jugak. They were not that superior, it's just that our pair made to many unforced error. 

I was on SMSing a friend of mine yang memang hantu badminton juga.through out the game. When we lost, we were discussing, what went wrong, I told her that it was probably the mental thing, she disagrees, she said it was probably tactical. Cheh, iye-iye je kan the both of us, macamlah terer sangat. Anyways, I just wanna hear from you guys. I know that not many readers frequent this blog, but for those who came, just do me a favor and click the poll on the right hand side. Let's see what all of you think.


  1. there is nothing to do with tactical. They are top class pair, they got all the weapon needed.

    all they need is more prep on mental. Serve sangkut beberapa kali kat net dari Tan, net play yg tak menjadi especially dari Koo semuanya terjadi semasa mental down.

    Contoh mental, tgk fu hai feng, bola tinggi susah macam mana pun dia bantai smash... asai tinggi sket je, smash... lama2 konfiden tuh build up leih tinggi, lebih2 lagi bila pair kita gagal return.

    satu lagi, chai yun.. once menang point, terus jerit, play the crowd, fire up diri sendiri, genggam tangan angkat tinggi2, mcm dah menang sgt... pair kita? bila trailing, hardly to see those things.

  2. Oh Encik Blue Civic,

    Saya sangat setuju dengan SEMUAAAA pandangan encik, so frustrating to see that kan. Chai Yuin tu memang confident level tinggi. I agree that when you do psycho diri sendiri you'll get the crowd cheering with you and for you..

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