Friday, August 13, 2010

I don't have Facebook account?

Okay, go on, you can laugh at me. I'm not offended. I have been dealing with incredulous stares every time I told people that I don't have Facebook account. I got tonnes of FB invites in my gmail account, yahoo account and even office account. Some of them when they don't get respond from me will sent the invites again. Takde ke butang "Decline Forever" aaa?

Hah? Apsal takde facebook account?
You work in IT, how come you don't have Facebook account
Everybody have Facebook accountlah. What's wrong with you?

Nothing wrong with me lah.
Let me tell you why I don't  have Facebook account.

I do not want to be traced by unwanted people in the net
Even without signing up to Facebook and opening up myself to the internet world, unwanted people still can find me, thanks to my company who publish my articles and put my real name and email address!Hmm tak pasal2 I got emails from errr not the people who I want to get re-acquaintance.

I do not want to join the hype
I am weird like that. Whenever there's something new that people jump into it. I always refrained myself from joining in. Konon-konon tak mau join the hype. Look at how late for me to join Nuffnang! People have been talking about it for years. Only until I am convince of the legitimacy and earnings, did I decided to sign up with Nuffnang. Lembapkan aku nih. Hahhaha. Same goes with FB.

I don't know how to maintain friends. 
The current friends pon tak termaintain, ni I nak reconnect with my long lost friend? A friend of a friend?  I don't know how people do it. But I am lousy at maintaining friends. Even the handful trusted friends that I have, sometimes don't get their sms replied. Dah 2-3 hari baru dpt reply from me, hahaha. Sorry friends sometimes your timing were a bit off. And I was probably was drown in some stupid office work. 

I was afraid that I got hooked
Just as I got hooked with blogging. At the early years of my blogging in 2005, I spend all my waking hours crafting blog updates in my head. (I still do this, sometimes) I am really afraid, that I'll spend all my already limited time to menebeng at Facebook. I'm sure it is addictive.

I do not want to add more stress
I read that some people have Perang FB. Another friend said that in FB, all you list of friend act as if they know you and starts giving you opinion and advice you don't need. A blog friend of mine always said that they felt really down after some comments by the FB so-called-friends. Owhhh I sooo don't need that to add to my already stressful life

And alasan yang selalu aku gunakan, sampai orang menyampah..
Aku glamer sangat, nanti ramai sangat orang add aku, dah aku nak kena reject kan. Kesian pulak. Muahahahhahahha. Yes, you can muntah now. 

Note : I know it's not all negative. Some got reconnect with long-lost friends, some got business opportunity, some really had fun on it. And of course if you want to increase traffic to your blog, having an FB account helps. As of now. Blogging is enough for me. 

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  1. facebook is so trendy these days.. but there are many pathetic things going on inside =P

  2. Ken,
    I concur. That is not including people who adds other people just because there is some kinda race to have the most friends. and of course the numerous promotion and MLM right..