Monday, August 23, 2010

It's getting harder

The will to update this blog becomes lesser and lesser every day. Too much work accompanied by another two blog to update is really wearing me down. I may have to say goodbye to this blog, which I have started prior to the World Cup.  I love my entries during the World Cup. I update this blog almost every day, then.

My early intention of having this blog was purely experimental. I want to experiment with blog advertising in this case Nuffnang. I must say with pathetic traffic to my blog and with me updating this blog once in a blue moon, the earnings with Nuffnang is still alright.

I guess probably the theme of this blog makes it hard for me to update. The other two blog is strictly fun and just everyday simple, honest and silly blogging. The writings come easily to me. It is also probably my other 2 blogs are in Bahasa Malaysia. I don't know. I probably have to search deep for inspiration and I also have to make a decision soon whether I am retaining this blog or not. 

Owh I can barely open my eyes now. Later kids.

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