Sunday, August 8, 2010

Live from KLIA

Salam and good afternoon people.

I am currently at the departure hall waiting to board the flight to Kuching, for the speaking engagement that I have mentioned in my earlier posting. For those who have waited to read the comparison between nuffnang and ManggaAd, you have to wait a bit longer. Maybe tomorrow night, I'll put up the posting. Why? First, I have a dry run tonight for the event. (why do they call it dry run ya? ) Second, I have to wait for the earnings to be updated, of course!

Anyways I am using the free-wifi provided by KLIA. Baik kan KLIA, other airports jangan harap nak kasik free wifi. Even though, it's limited for 2 hours only. That's good enough, right? At Heathrow and  Charles De Gaulle, jangan mimpilah. At Cangi Airport, they don't give you free wifi, but at least they gave free access to internet from the public kiosk provided, but limited for 15 minutes per person only. Hahaha I am not that well travelled so I can't really say for other airports. Maybe you people out there can add on to this posting.

And what I like about KLIA, security check is a breeze. You don't need to come extra early to to cater for the security checks. Kalau tempat lain haruslah, kena bukak jaket, bukak kasut, bukak belt, selak tudung bagai kan. But of course, if we go else where, just follow the rules and don't make a fuss, right? Other than that, they don't really weigh your hand-luggage. Sempoi jek.  We Malaysian are always generous. Other airports or probably other airlines, only  7kg is allowed for hand-luggage. If you exceed, please throw some of the things from your bag, or be prepared to pay handsomely, hahahah.

I remembered at Luton Airport, we didn't notice that there's canned food in our hand luggage, a big no-no, right? I think it was tuna-curry or something. All of unallowed things were thrown in the garbage, but our tuna-can was put aside by the security/immigration officer.Wow, tuna curry. I have never seen one and would have never thought . Must be good, he said. I think he 'paw'ed our tuna-curry for himself, hahahha. 

Ok, people I am about to board. I'll update from Kuching later. Take care, now.


  1. i miss going to the airport =)

  2. Ken,

    I don't know why. I like going to the airport. I like to hear the chimmed sound made when there's announcement. I like.. I like..